Quality Objectives

Contracts & Project Management

To completely understand and document the client needs and requirements.
Prompt response and feedback to client inquiries.
Prompt handling and monitoring of client complaints.
Monitoring of on time handing over of jobs to clients.
Maintaining and improving the quality standards.


To completely understand, define and document design inputs and design outputs.
Ensure fool-proof and error-free designing by suitable design verification and validation.


Prompt and cost-effective purchases of material and goods according to the specifications and requirements.
Monitoring the quality and delivery performance of vendors.

Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance

Planning, controlling and monitoring of construction processes and operations to ensure delivery on time and according to specification jobs.
Meeting the targets as per contract and client requirements.
Monitoring the preventive maintenance of equipment and machinery according to the schedule, reducing and monitoring the execution breakdowns.
Reduction in material waste and rejections.


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