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About MEP Solutions

MEP SOLUTIONS (MEPS) is a “contracting firm providing end to end solutions for Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical & Plumbing works”. Incorporated in July 2009, as Private Limited company, MEPS is a sister firm of IZHAR Constructions Pvt Ltd (ICPL). IZHAR is one of the leading construction groups of Pakistan having rich history of more than 50 years. With its broad experience and high standards of performance in numerous major construction projects of various types, IZHAR has earned an outstanding recognition from the nation.

Turnkey Solutions

MEPS integrated offering of engineering installation, commissioning, upgrade and maintenance services allow our customers to engage a single provider for their electrical, mechanical and plumbing infrastructure solutions.

Proven Methodology

We have developed set of processes, information system and other proprietary tools that reduce costs & completion time without compromising quality.
Focus on Projects and Customers Requiring Highly-Engineered Solutions: We are building our history by focusing on providing infrastructure solutions to industry-leading companies with unique needs.

Depth and Scale

Our large and experienced workforce of designers, project managers, supervisors, technicians etc is skilled at providing quality project design, development, management, installation and commissioning services.

Experience and Reputation

Since MEPS founding we have focused on providing sophisticated electrical and mechanical infrastructure solutions for critical-use facilities and applications.




Our Services

MEP Contracting: MEPS provides contracting services for all Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical & Plumbing works in projects. It includes bids preparation, planning & execution of works, coordination with all players etc. A professional, experienced, trained & educated workforce is deployed to carry out each job.


We provide complete power solution starting from Grid till Consumer/Client facility and distribution till the end user. Our procurement, Installation and commissioning includes and not limited to transformer, feeder, MV/LV Panels, Gensets, Lighting fixtures, Switches, Sockets, Raceways, Power Cables and complete ELV System.



MEPS remained involved in providing engineering solutions regarding HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings. HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings. Our services includes Unitary Air-Conditioning Systems, Central Air-Conditioning Systems, Chilled Water Systems, District Cooling Systems, Specialized Air-Conditioning for Clean Rooms, Operation Theaters, Data Centers, Industrial Ventilation & Exhaust, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Building Management Systems etc



Mechanical services have a major supporting role in the operation of the facility. Every infrastructure requires a number of multiple services inclusive of Instrumentation & Control Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Steam Plants, Oil Storage & Distribution Systems, Medical Gases for Hospitals, Industrial Utilities- Steam, Gas, Compressed Air which MEPS has successfully delivered during last five years.



MEPS having a rich experience in Plumbing services inclusive of installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of piping, fixtures, plumbing appliances and plumbing appurtenance within a building, in connection with the sanitary / storm water drainage and water supply. Plumbing system is a base for every facility due to the need for clean water, and sanitary collection and transport of wastes. As per Client’s requirement our services includes Drainage & Sewerage Systems, Gas Distribution, Water Filtration & Purification Systems, Waste Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants, Water Supply, Building Plumbing Systems, RO Plants, etc systems.


Fire Fighting/Fire Suppression

MEPS engineering services includes Fire Safety Services, Fire Alarm System, Fire Suppression System. We are specialized in fire sprinkler installation, and support as well as fire alarm installation and support in both the commercial and residential markets. Security Fire Protection sets itself apart from other fire protection & safety contractors through our strong relationships with customers and employees, innovation, and time-tested quality work. Our goal is to provide better customer service than any other contractor. Fire Safety & suppression system is by far the most important public safety system requirement in any kind of infrastructure project.



MEPS is a channel partner of SIEMENS Business Technologies, Switzerland, the territory is Pakistan. Contractual products are the following standard products, systems and services: (i) Control Products and systems (ii) Fire Safety Products In this capacity MEPS is authorized to market and sell Contractual Products in the Territory.



We provide solutions for Data Centers, Network, Command & Control Centers, SCADA, Surveillance and Access Control, Industrial IoT, Big Data etc.



MEPS being an, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractor has executed various projects in which we successfully achieved the targets of Time, Cost and Quality.


Our extremely satisfied customers!



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below. ELECTRICAL   |   MECHANICAL  |   HVAC   |   BMS AND INFORMATICS


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Retreat Sep 2023 of MEP Solutions pvt. Ltd. See MoreSee Less
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